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What is the Urea phosphate, what advantage for fertilization


Urea Phosphate 17-44-0

Today's compound fertilizer market is mixed and mixed, making it difficult for ordinary people to distinguish between authenticity and authenticity. In order to allow farmers to use the real-time high-efficiency compound fertilizer, after several years of experiments, we have summed up a set of “mixing” method, and the formulated fertilizer has achieved very good results after being used in the field. The formula fertilizer prepared by the method of “mixing urea with ammonium monophosphate” has the advantages of high fertilizer efficiency, low price, strong pertinence, simple preparation and obvious benefits:

The fertilizer efficiency test was carried out on the calcareous soil for three consecutive years. Under the condition of phosphorus and other nitrogen, the monoammonium phosphate was used as the phosphorus source, and the average yield per mu of ammonium phosphate, nitrophosphate and calcium magnesium phosphate was 81 kg. Corn 89.3 kg. At the same time, the formula of “mixing urea with monoammonium phosphate” was also tested. Compared with ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, ammonium chloride and ammonium bicarbonate, the average acre increased 47.5 kg of wheat and 62.5 kg of corn. There are four principles for increasing yield: First, the monoammonium phosphate is acidic. After applying the calcareous soil, the pH of the rhizosphere can be reduced to delay the evaporation of ammonia. Second, the hydrogen converted to monoammonium phosphate and urea can be converted into hydrogen. Ammonium oxide, after the reaction, produces diammonium phosphate and water, which can play a role in fertilizer conservation. Third, ammonium monophosphate is mixed with urea, and the adduct CO(NH2)·NH4H2PO4 can be formed in the soil, and nutrients are gradually released in the soil. It can meet the nutrient requirements of different crops in different growth stages.
Low price When planting wheat last year, some 30 nutrient compound fertilizers, 40 kg packaging, sold 78 yuan per bag, each nutrient 2.6 yuan. According to this price conversion, the market price of the formula of 50 nutrients we prepared should be 130 yuan per bag. In fact, the cost is only about 90 yuan, compared to nearly 40 yuan per bag.
Targeted strong According to the "barrel law" of balanced fertilization, according to the soil test data of local soil and the fertilizer requirement of different crops, it is formulated into formula fertilizer for different crops, which is highly targeted.
It is easy to prepare according to the soil properties of “potassium-salt alkali, phosphorus deficiency and nitrogen deficiency” in some areas, and the fertilizer requirement of bulk crops of wheat and corn. In high-water and fertilizer fields, 50 kg of mono-ammonium and urea are used to apply three mu of land; In the middle of the fertilizer land with 50 kg of monoammonium, 75 kg of urea, apply four acres of land; in the dry land with 50 kg of monoammonium, 100 kg of urea, apply five acres of land. There are such a jingle single-track "mixing" method and benefits:
Wheat fertilization is learned, and wheat is used up;
Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium should be coordinated, and fertilization is more important.
Our soil is mostly alkaline, and it is suitable for urea-doped ammonium;
The monoammonium property is acidic, forty-four phosphorus and eleven nitrogen.
Mixing urea one to one to adapt to high water production areas;
One bag of monoammonium urea can be used to apply three acres of high-fertilizer land;
If the urea is mixed with one bag and half, it can apply four acres of medium fertilizer field;
If the two bags of urea are mixed, the five acres of thin land can increase production.
In the low-medium field, the potassium formula is sufficient, and the above formula can be used.
High-fertilizer water is often deficient in potassium and can be formulated with ternary formula fertilizer;
The increase of 10 kilograms of potassium and potassium in mu will increase production, increase income and increase efficiency.
The application of urea-doped ammonium can save 20 yuan per mu.
As long as the ratio is matched by quantity, there is no problem in increasing the amount of acres.
There is also a monoammonium with ammonium bicarbonate, and the yield increase effect is also obvious.
The acre with one ammonium ten kilograms is worth a hundred pounds of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.
Although the application of chemical fertilizer is good, it is more important to reuse agricultural fertilizer.
The application of the base fertilizer is three to five square meters, and the high yield and income are guaranteed.
This method can also apply corn, and the ears are thick and full.
According to the lime soil test in Fengqiu County, Henan Province, the application of ammonium phosphate is comparable to that of diammonium phosphate, calcium superphosphate and calcium magnesium phosphate. The average yield per mu is 101 kg, and the formula fertilizer prepared with monoammonium phosphate is comparable. Some compound fertilizers are calculated at a price of 38 yuan per bag, and farmers can increase their income by 150 yuan per season. In the production of 100 yuan, the effect of increasing the cost of the section is quite obvious. Therefore, the promotion and application of the formula not only solves the problem that the formula fertilization technology can not be opened all the year round, but also opens up new space for the farmers to increase their income and save the economy.
Formulations in which monoammonium phosphate is combined with urea as the main fertilizer source have attracted the attention of the industry, and some academic journals have also discussed the feasibility of the formulation. At the BB Fertilizer Academic Seminar in Henan Province, this method was recommended as the best formula for formulating fertilizers, and the scientific research results of agricultural technicians were recognized. At present, it has been promoted and applied in 156 fertilizer stations in Henan Province.

Excerpted from: China Cooperation Times
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